Clark Kent Phenomenon

Although I do care for my appearance take good care of myself, except for the occasional sweet treat and the addiction to coffee, I do not obsess over looking nice.  As part of being a hostess, I do wear nice clothes and some make up.  We are talking lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, and blush.  Additionally, I do not wear my glasses.  This is to be the pretty front of the resturant. Although, I say I must rely most on my stunning charm than looks.  Big warm smile rather than mysterious beauty.

The other half of my job, especially on the weekends, is to help in the kitchen.  As you may guess, this is a totally different atmosphere.  I dress in my “grungy clothes” as to not get my nice ones dirty.  I come home smelling of stale olive oil.  That is a fragrance I doubt will catch on in Macy’s.  I pull my hair back into a pony tail, have a headband, wear an apron, have no make up on, and wear my glasses.

Many-a-time we train new servers on my hostessing nights.  Why is still a mystery to me.  Thus the typical story ensues. I start the conversation, “Hi, I’m Kim, your hostess this evening, let me know if I can help with anything, I kinda know were everything is in here”  The next night, they come over to me in the kitchen and introduce themselves, “Hi, ‘m so and so” and hold our their hand. Catching their hand, I respond “Oh! Hi, I’m Kim, your hostess last night” I find it enormously funny when their eyes widen in almost disbelief that I could be one in the same.

Now I understand the use of glasses for Clark Kent vs Superman.  Perhaps this is the precursor to a dual life consisting of school and fighting crime.  Granted in my town of quiet Eugene, Or, I doubt I would bust anything bigger than marijuana users.


About Kim's Stamp of Approval

I'm eccentric and fear writing, goodness why am I making a blog.

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